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The history of the film industry takes us back a long time, as the first movie appeared in 1895. Although they already used so-called special effects, TV got its popularity later, which happened in the 1950s when different TV shows become trendy. A lot of water under the bridge since then, but the cinema becomes more and more popular. Nowaday’s, many users search for Netflix WordPress themes, and this post will tell you about must-have features. Before we get started, I’d like you to check out the next statistics.

Here are some statistics from 2019:

  1. Almost 95% of negative site feedback happens because of poor web design.
  2. Slow-loading projects cost their owners £1.73 billion per year in lost sales.
  3. 47% of prospects expect a maximum loading time of 2-3 seconds.
  4. 89% of today’s users wouldn’t return on the website if they didn’t like the shopping experience.
  5. Half of the visitors would leave the site, which has no contact info. Or in case it is hard to find.
  6. 40% of visitors will leave the website if it takes too long to load the images.
  7. Almost 90% of prospects expect to see your top items on the homepage.
  8. Half of the users prefer checking product pages before moving to other site sections.
  9. People prefer creative designs to plain text.
  10. Still, they would prefer plain text to the one which is hard to read.

All of these mean you need to take care of comfort. The site you design should be super visitor-friendly, eye-pleasing, readable, and rocket-fast. It is the only way you can get the audience and stand out from the crowd.

Which Features to Look in Netflix Style WordPress Themes?

Are you ready to run a movie or TV-related site? Don’t miss the list below in this case. Here are the essentials your project should have:

  • Mobile-ready design,
  • Full-width slider,
  • Relevant posts selection,
  • Search Engines Optimization,
  • Versatile UI & UX components,
  • eCommerce features,
  • Sticky Posts,
  • Menu with categories and subcategories.

Netflix Style WordPress Themes Tips to Maximise SEO

Let’s imagine that your project already has all the needed web design elements. In this case, it’s time to think about SEO. The good thing is prof products come with SEO-friendly code by default. You won’t need to do anything to improve Google search results. However, there are a few SEO tips I’d like to share with you. To get better SEO results, you should do the following.

  1. Use high-quality & unique content.
  2. Add header tags.
  3. Format pages properly.
  4. Work on page loading speed.
  5. Optimize pics.
  6. Use trustworthy links.
  7. Run a blog.
  8. Use multiple content elements.
  9. Check website readability.
  10. Optimize it for mobiles.
  11. Be active on SM.

Want to know more about must-have features? Here is what you need with fresh examples.

INGMAR – [$85]

If you are looking for WordPress themes like Netflix, don’t miss INGMAR. This product is a ready-made solution for projects related to movie news, reviews, blog, etc. It comes with a wholly responsive and minimalist design.

The pack includes various content widgets, buttons, fonts, and more.

You can select from the pre-styled page layouts or design your own with a visual builder.

The product is perfect for critics, bloggers, cinemagoers, and writers. It comes with a flexible homepage with sliders to create a modern user experience. By purchasing INGMAR, you get the following homepage blocks:

  • Featured slider with custom titles & button text,
  • Latest Posts feature,
  • Featured categories,
  • Popular & Most Visited Posts,
  • Featured reviews,
  • Featured movies added in the database.

It takes a user only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about the site. This is the most critical step which determines whether a visitor will stay or leave. Well, it looks like INGMAR’s creators took care of this point. They added lots of popular features in the product’s packaging. Here are the ones all Netflix style WordPress themes should have.

  1. Lateral Menu Access – it allows showing in less space menu & sidebar widgets and other visual content.
  2. Dark Mode Switcher – it lets you change the color scheme in a single click.
  3. Color Selector – you can pick colors for texts, buttons, hovers, home sections, etc.
  4. Fully versatile design.


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Vodi – [$59]

Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows

Long story short, Vodi is another premium WP theme. It ideally suits movies, videos, TV shows, or streaming-related sites. Also, Vodi would be a nice choice for a site with reviews and other entertainment content.

The creators of Vodi made it following the newest criteria, including Gutenberg standards. That’s why the theme has almost 50 Gutenberg blocks. Use them to craft the variety of homepages, and not only.

Same to all modern Netflix WordPress themes, Vodi offers you several layout styles. You can select from nine main pages, four footer and header templates. Plus, there are various demos to choose from:

  • Main,
  • Magazine,
  • Sports,
  • Stream,
  • Tube,
  • Prime.

Almost 60% of web users claim they will not use the site with poor mobile design. No wonder, today’s prospects got used to comfort. And it explains why more than half of the traffic comes from mobiles. For these simple reasons, your project has to be mobile-friendly. Make sure the sections are scrollable, and the posts are readable from small-screened gadgets.


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Kreeti – [$75]

Kreeti - Clean and Elegant Responsive WordPress ThemeThose who long for Netflix style WordPress themes also need a fully responsive layout. No matter which content you provide, the site should be 100% versatile. Thanks to Retina-ready design, viewers can visit your site anytime they need it. These are the pre-designed demos Kreeti has in its package:

  • Sports,
  • Fashion,
  • Gadgets,
  • Business News,
  • Recipe,
  • Travel,
  • Lifestyle, etc.

Kreeti comes with Live Customizer. It shows all performed changes in a live mode. With it, you can see all changes rapidly and avoid common mistakes. What else can you see inside the Kreeti pack?

  1. WooCommerce plugin to integrate your online business with the blog.
  2. Instagram Carousel.
  3. Optimization with search engines to get higher results from Google.
  4. Single-click demo import.
  5. Abundant 
  6. Frontpage options, including popular tags, archive settings, and header options.
  7. Banner advertisement.
  8. Prime News section.


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SKT Filmmaker – FREE

SKT Filmmaker
Quick Contact Form is another feature to get when choosing Netflix WordPress themes. Thanks to the feature, you can answer customers once you have time. As you can see, SKT Filmmaker is a free product. It would suit projects related to:

  • Video store,
  • Fashion show,
  • Photographer & videographer,
  • Cinema reviews, and more.

Though the theme is free, it has lots of essential features. For example, you have different UI & UX elements for a blog. There are customizable background options you can change to add beauty to the site design. What is more, SKT Filmmaker has a Sticky Posts feature. It allows to make website navigation even more viewer-friendly. Among the other features of the freebie, there are the following:

  • Custom Menu,
  • Portfolio,
  • Typography,
  • Blog,
  • Featured Images,
  • Footer & header widgets, and more.

As expected, the item is 100% customizable. It is easy to tweak the theme’s components to suit your business style.


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YouMovie – [$75]

YouMovie - Videography Elementor WordPress Theme

What else to look for when purchasing WordPress themes like Netflix? I recommend you think of the mobile-first design. It’s a popular way to manage websites in 2019.

Shortly, the technology starts crafting the project from its mobile version. As a result, you can have visitors when the desktop site is not even ready. Here is what you should know about YouMovie.

  1. Ecwid-ready design lets you add shop feature for free. With it, YouMovie includes all the needed eCommerce components.
  2. Elementor Page Builder.
  3. JetBlog plugin includes lots of helpful content widgets.
  4. Parallax Movie Theater feature guides people through the website in an interactive way.
  5. Video Playlist.

Besides, by purchasing YouMovie, you get JetFamily plugins. It includes JetMenu addon for menus of any complicity. You get JetTricks to create eye-catching visual effects, JetTabs, and more.


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It looks like these were all Netflix WordPress themes I wanted to check. As you can see, it’s easy to set up a movie & entertainment related project today. Modern themes and templates have all the essentials to design a professional website. These products are available for users of all skill levels. You won’t need to edit a single line of code. To say more, you can get the very website without losing money. There are cool free themes you can use. They come both with must-haves and trendy options, like Background features or Sticky Menu.

Movie WordPress website checklist

Let’s take a look at this movie website checklist. Here is how you can go further in blog development by utilizing features of Wordpress:

  1. Write at least 300-word-long posts, 1400+ for top rated articles
  2. Use primary & secondary keywords and tags.
  3. Use headings and subheadings.
  4. Add meta tags to maximise SEO.
  5. Divide your content into categories.
  6. Create content plans.
  7. Make content translation-ready or multilingual.
  8. Use promos and sales to increase website activity.
  9. Identify your prospects and do your best to keep them satisfied.

Watch this short video on how at Xhostcom we make it easier for you maximize SEO and Social media facilities in the admin area.

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