Choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress site is a serious task. You want to make sure that your online content is in good hands, and that navigating and managing your account is straightforward. Scala Hosting offers Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting to protect your site’s performance and make maintaining it easier. Plus, with in-house technologies for account management and security, you can keep your costs down. In this post I’ll introduce you to Scala Hosting and show you five reasons to choose it for your WordPress site. 

Facebook has become a preferred advertising platform for a lot of businesses and eCommerce store owners. It will give broader reach to your products and also helps you target the right customers. The reason why Facebook ads are so effective are partly due to the efficient retargeting it enables. Facebook Pixel helps in retargeting with the help of a code that is inserted to your website to track the behaviour of your users. It will help a lot in devising a long term advertising strategy for your store. In this post I will discuss how you can set up Facebook Pixel for WooCommerce.

Backing up your Wordpress or ClassicPress site is paramount to site owners and self builders, and an essential part of the maintenance routine. Having a backup solution on your site is one of the most basic ways to ensure WordPress security. The platform also offers many different solutions for it. A relatively new contender in this area is Migrate & Backup WordPress by WPvivid, which calls itself  “the only free all-in-one backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin”. To see what it can do for users and if it brings anything new to the table, in this review I will take an in-depth look at it. Below, I will examine its standout features and go through all of its key functionality so you can make a decision whether it’s the right thing for your needs.

There are a number of different free caching plugins available for WordPress, many of which are easy to set up and offer great performance. You may be wondering why anyone would pay for a premium solution, such as WP Rocket, because of this. In earlier posts, I reviewed everything WP Rocket has to offer in terms of features, performance and price. I also showed you how to set up and optimize the plugin.

As I have discussed several times before, page load speed is an important aspect that determines the success of your WordPress site. It plays a major role in user experience as well as search engine ranking. So, as a WordPress site owner, you will have to try several strategies to ensure fast page load speeds. One of the popular strategies recommended by experts will be to enable GZIP compression on your WordPress site. Here, I will discuss more on GZIP compression and how you can enable it for a superior performance of your WordPress site.

In today’s post I talk about picking the fastest WooCommerce themes. I’m sure site speed is not something you want to miss out on! For any online store, loading time is a big deal and also a ranking factor in Google. The longer it takes for your customers to see your product listings, the more likely they are to leave. WooCommerce, by itself, is a lean piece of software that loads quickly enough. At Xhostcom we use ClassicPress, which is around 25% faster than standard Wordpress, however its still important to choose a theme that can integrate with it perfectly. This will ensure better store performance and overall improved user experience. Here are the fastest WooCommerce themes out there that won’t keep the customer waiting.

If you take a look at your website(s) and think about how many blog posts are available for easy access on the homepage. I’m sure you can see maybe four or five, or maybe even up to ten or a few more, but once your blog posts leave the homepage they become similar to a link moving to the second page of results on the mighty Google: useless. With blog posts you can still gain traffic with organic search results and from those people who scan through your website to checkout your archives, so not everything is lost. 

In this quick post I take a look at the footer text in most Wordpress installations which many users want to remove or alter, and what happens when you find the field useful, but you just want to change the copy within it? You can do that too with a couple of lines of code, but you first need to find the class or ID of the element that contains the copy, not the whole row. You can find he class by using Chrome dev tools F12 and checking the elements tab for the markup. Here, it’s the class copytext.

Many Wordpress or ClassicPress site owners get confused as to the importance of internal link building with their site content, and can’t see  the significance of it, however it can be an important strategy to improve rankings for their site overall if it is done correctly. Internal linking is a smart strategy for improving your WordPress site, however, choosing between the plugins available to help you with this task can be tricky. I’ve picked out 3 of the most used plugins to perform this task, and take a look at the relevance of each to different individual requirements.

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging and web design platforms across the globe. Millions of websites are now using WordPress and popular bloggers are publishing their content in WordPress. Many Fortune 500 companies use it as their platform of choice. Due to the immense success of WordPress, hackers are also more enthusiastic about hacking WordPress websites. WordPress gives an update to cover all the vulnerabilities, but the problem is aggravated because of third-party plugins and themes. Due to this, hackers find security vulnerabilities in WordPress that helps them to disturb the whole server.

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