How to Secure WordPress Against Vulnerabilities?

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging and web design platforms across the globe. Millions of websites are now using WordPress and popular bloggers are publishing their content in WordPress. Many Fortune 500 companies use it as their platform of choice. Due to the immense success of WordPress, hackers are also more enthusiastic about hacking WordPress websites. WordPress gives an update to cover all the vulnerabilities, but the problem is aggravated because of third-party plugins and themes. Due to this, hackers find security vulnerabilities in WordPress that helps them to disturb the whole server.

At Xhostcom, we use ClassicPress, which is a business focussed more secure version of Wordpress, but here I am just going to talk about securing the standard or current version of Wordpress

There are many earlier instances where a single vulnerable plugin affected the hacking of the whole server in hundreds of websites. Even malware such as SoakSoak affected 100k websites in a short time by using the vulnerability in a plugin.

If you are also using WordPress in your work schedule, it is important for you to ensure that your WordPress website is updated and secure. It is advisable to do WordPress Website development by giving priority to the security part and by ensure secure WordPress hosting.

In this post, we will discuss several security plugins which will help your website to fight against any vulnerabilities. Moreover, security plugins allow various features to ensure the safety of your website. Plugins also have updated service in terms of security and the latest threats. If you do not want your online business to suffer due to lack of security, you must go through these plugins.

I have listed some of the most powerful security plugins specially designed for WordPress. Have a look!

You can also hire a WordPress expert who can guide you in resolving your WordPress queries in the best possible manner.

Reliable Security Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to WordPress, you will get thousands of security plugins for the installation. It will be difficult for you to learn about each and every plugin, therefore you just have to go through the list which we have created.

Below given plugins are both free as well as paid, but they are sure-shot tools to protect your website against security faults.

iThemes Security

iThemes security has a variety of features to offer. The good news is it is available in both a free and paid version.

secure WordPress hosting

The paid version is designed in a way that it can remove security blocks in a detailed manner.

You can also download a free version if it is just a blog site for you for $80 per year.

When you have a business or highly popular blog posting site, it is reliable to go with the pro version.

The pro version makes a lot of sense in providing enhanced security such as backing and guarding your database, password protection, security against brute attacks, adding two-factor authentication, and lastly for moving the logging page.

On top of that, you can also have the facility of dedicated professional support and legitimate website monitoring.

WordFence Security

WordFence Security has bagged the title of top free WordPress plugins in the market.

Secure WordPress Hosting

It surpasses in preserving the site from real-time security monitoring, protection against brute force attack, IP blacklisting, and login page protection.

Furthermore, it also adds a firewall to the website.

WordFence also has an expanded database of IP addresses and offending websites which always remains blocked for accessing your website.

The premium version of the plugin has some additional features which help in enhancing the security of your website.

This includes improved firewalls, two-factor authentication,  improved spam protection, dedicated support, and geographic protection.

Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security plugin is developed by a team of WordPress security specialists.

Secure WordPress Hosting

The plugin is completely free and will help in boosting security levels and continuous site monitoring.

Once you have installed the plugin, it will scan your site entirely, check the infected files and other security weaknesses.

After that, you can restore as well as improve your site for availing better working conditions.

Besides regular scanning and cleaning up, this plugin also provides malware scanning and complete website monitoring.

Furthermore, it will encourage the current security protocols to assure that your site is protected from various vulnerabilities and threats that are happening online.

You can also opt for the premium version, which will have more security features and will also add a website firewall.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

It is also one of the most popular plugins you can use for your WordPress site.

Secure WordPress Hosting

The best thing about the plugin: It is easy to use and its configuration is also pretty smooth.

You do not require any tech skills to run this plugin.

It also has a unique grading system, thus you can see which areas of your website are protected and which one needs some improvement.

As it does not require any technical steps to perform, you can easily see and correct those areas of vulnerabilities.

This plugin mainly helps you to improve the security through the protection against blue force login attempts, creating a website firewall, securing WordPress database, securing user accounts, and by blacklisting IP addresses and other sites.

The in-built scanner is also useful to protect your website against any hacker.

It is completely free and you would not need to upgrade it as almost all the features are available in the free version.


The security of the website is a complex issue. The security practices have to change as today the security threats are also of different types. You cannot rely on old security practices as they won’t be helpful in today’s time. You do not have to evaluate all the security threats but surely must take steps to protect your site and hire expert WordPress developers and let them take steps to protect your business site.

All the above-given plugins will be advantageous for your WordPress website. If you do not have huge traffic, you must download a free WordPress security plugin. But when you have a growing traffic and authority website, it is a good idea to choose one of the paid versions of the plugin. You can take advice from one of the best WordPress Website development companies so you can focus more on expanding business rather than worrying about its security. We can also migrate your Wordpress site to ClassicPress if desired to improve its security performance. If you enjoyed this post, why not check out this article on 14 Best WordPress or ClassicPress Plugins For Self Builders!

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