5 Trending WordPress Development Tools

WordPress is the King of Content Management Systems (CMSs) with in excess of a 61% market share of all online CMS’s. Among the many reasons WordPress is a preferred platform is that it’s constantly evolving to incorporate new technologies. However, with so much innovation, keeping up with the latest changes can take some effort. To do the best for your clients it helps to look ahead to understand what web design and development trends are expected to dominate the market. Doing this will make it easier to adapt and gain an advantage over competitors.

Create a Lifestyle Blog With WordPress or ClassicPress

Although it seems simple enough on the surface, there’s a lot that goes into creating a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blogs are typically made by self builders and enthusiasts for their hobbies or even career related, although some of the bigger ones are built by professionals like us at Xhostcom. Getting started involves making several important decisions that will affect the success of your site. However, with a little research, you can select the best services and tools for you. When you get off on the right foot, a lifestyle blog can be an excellent source of income. In this post, I’ll provide a quick introduction to lifestyle blogging and what it entails. Then we’ll go through the 5 steps to create yours.

Fixing The ‘Missing A Temporary Folder’ WordPress Error

The ‘Missing A Temporary Folder’ error is one of the most frustrating WordPress issues that can disrupt your entire website development and user experience. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for this error, which will prevent you from uploading any file in WordPress, and means you won’t be able to upload any images or install any plugins and themes. However, as frustrating as it seems, the error can be fixed by editing a few files in your server. You can do it by following along below.

Woocommerce Vs Shopify for Your Small Business

Woocommerce & Shopify are both great options for building and hosting your eCommerce website. But if we compare them side by side is there a clear winner? With a large percentage of retail and other types of sales, up to 75%, predicted to be online in the next couple years, its a question which will interest many budding store owners, especially as these two platforms are now seen as the de facto options for eCommerce owners.

Adding Google Analytics Tracking to WordPress WooCommerce Site

Analytics data is a crucial factor for any online business which uses a website, which of course is pretty much all nowadays. It will help you understand how users are perceiving your website and identify if there are any hindrances to a smooth user experience. You can use Google Analytics to know who visits your site, when they visit and also, how they are interacting with it. You can find more specific data from an eCommerce store that will offer actionable insights to enhance conversions as well. If you have a WordPress WooCommerce site, you can integrate Google analytics tracking to monitor your site performance. Here I take a look at how you can add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress WooCommerce site.

Speed Up Your WordPress Site with WP Rocket

There’s a lot to worry about when you run some or all of your business online. Managing your site’s maintenance, security and performance are just some of the things you’ll need to tackle on top of bringing in traffic and earning revenue. Today I’m going to focus on one aspect in this post, specifically how to speed up your WordPress site with a premium caching plugin called WP Rocket

10 Plugins to Help Businesses Capture Leads

Many marketers and website owners agree that lead generation is a major struggle. Lead capture and nurture plugins can take a lot of the stress away while helping your business generate more customers. These plugins are quick and convenient tools that integrate directly into your WordPress website. They give you the ability to create opt-in forms, segment subscribers, capture users before they exit, push data to your CRM, follow up with leads over time, and more.

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