ClassicPress Quick Review and Test

So, having discovered the new fork of Wordpress ClassicPress recently, I thought I would take it for a spin to see what the hype was about! ClassicPress is a pared down bloatless version of Wordpress which retains the old TinyMCE editor instead of the Gutenberg in Wordpress, and allows developers more freedom to build sleek fast sites using it.

Web Accessibility in Your Website or Store

As developers and online store owners, we often treat accessibility as a bonus. But it’s really a requirement! Each piece of a website build should be considered from the perspective of all site visitors, no matter their age, capabilities, or impairments. After all, it’s important that everyone can easily use your store and purchase your products. […]

How To Use Online Trade Shows

The reason why trade shows are still very efficient when it comes to selling products is very simple. Since exposures are market-specific, you can be sure that market participants are more likely to become loyal customers. Trade shows, indeed, are commonly considered one of traditional marketing most expensive branches. If your company is spending money, […]

How to Start a Web Design Business

Many researchers predict the number of web design businesses in the United States will reach 75,531 this year, with an annual growth rate of 6.6%. As a web developer, you’re competing against big agencies as well as freelancers. Although the growth of web development businesses in the U.S. is on an upward trajectory, there is also competition from around the world

8 eCommerce Business Growth Hacks

Growing your eCommerce business requires a lot of effort and time. It involves marketing your online store aggressively and staying ahead of your competitors at every point in time. This will help drive traffic, generate leads, and attract customers to your ecommerce store. Here are some useful tips to help grow your eCommerce business:

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