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In this quick post I take a look at the footer text in most Wordpress installations which many users want to remove or alter, and what happens when you find the field useful, but you just want to change the copy within it? You can do that too with a couple of lines of code, but you first need to find the class or ID of the element that contains the copy, not the whole row. You can find he class by using Chrome dev tools F12 and checking the elements tab for the markup. Here, it’s the class copytext.

The code you want to insert comes in two parts:

.copytext {
visibility: hidden;
.copytext:after {
visibility: visible;
position: absolute;
left: 50px;
content: "This text replaces the original.";

As opposed to display:none rule you used earlier, here you’re using another rule – visibility:hidden. These two might look the same to an untrained eye, but they are completely different. Use the former to delete the element and make it disappear from the page, changing its structure.

With the latter, however, you don’t remove an element. You just bestow upon it the value of hidden, preserving the space it occupies and the structure of the page.

So the first line of code makes space for our copy. The second line adds it. With it, you make the whole element visible again, and you give it different copy to display. It’s important to get the positioning right, and it varies from one theme to another. If you wouldn’t add it to the code, the new copy would appear floating behind the space where the original copy was. So use the position: absolute; left:50px; to give it instructions on the positioning, and adjust the value of pixels to fit the position as you’ve intended.

A very short post on this which many should find useful, if you enjoyed this post, why not check out this article on 14 Best WordPress or ClassicPress Plugins For Self Builders!

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