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About Us

Paul Anthony McGowan

Founder of Vorteasy

Was made homeless at 47 after becoming involved with the criminal spy network behind the symbolic murder of Alexandra Livincenko in 2006 and mistakenly volunteering to help them. After many years of struggle opened up Vorteasy to help redefine consciousness for people who know nothing about what is actually going on in the world, or what they can do to prevent it. Is a world authority on what is happening with satellite surveillance and the associated criminal network, a master of the esoteric and an expert on spying. Campaigns against the serious government criminality experienced between 1998 - 2018 and ongoing and tries to alert a largely unsuspecting world audience against the perils of actually believing they live in any form of democracy. Author of forthcoming E book "Anatomy of a Psychopath" exploding the myth of spying, what you think it is, its inherent links to government, capitalism and Wall Street. It also covers a whole lot of other things over a 20 period and makes Orwell look like Harry Potter.

Is also the first person in the world to warn you that someone 1000's of miles away can actually decide WHO you meet in the next 15 minutes.

Maybe you should try to do something about that.